Bedazzled Hearing Aids

We have posted several articles, blog posts and infographics related to hearing loss. It affects a lot of people in the United States, yet it is easily treated. If detected early enough. Furthermore, with advances in technology, hearing aids are becoming smaller and more user friendly, so that those who utilize them to help with poor hearing won’t have to suffer the stigma of having a hearing aid.

That’s one thing that Artist Elana Langer wanted to address in her new photo series Tools of Life, photographed by Hanna Agar. In the series, Langer is wearing elegantly bedazzled hearing aids and walkers in real-world scenarios.


Inspired by her grandmother, Langer wanted to get rid of the negativity surrounding devices that are meant to help us as we get older:

“I don’t remember a time when her hair and nails weren’t done and she wasn’t dressed impeccably. In the last year of her life she, like many others in her condition, lost the ability to walk without support. And although she had a strong will to live, the idea of using a walker in public seemed unbearable to her. The force of her vanity had come up against the limit of the body,” said Langer.


While these hearing aids and walkers aren’t for sale and were just created for this photo series, it brings up an interesting point. There are designer versions of everything – cell phone cases, purses, bags, fitness trackers – you name it, there is some fancy version of it. If ladies need to use hearing aids to help them hear, why can’t they make them feel pretty?


Similarly, with technology getting smaller and smaller, why can’t hearing aids for men look smaller and sleeker?

At Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates, we have partnered with Starkey, a privately held, global hearing technology company, and their revolutionary hearing aid called Halo. While it doesn’t come bedazzled in jewels, it is sleek and works well with your iPhone. To find out more about the device, click here.