Better Sinuses with Balloon Sinuplasty

Chronic sinusitis can be painful, frustrating and difficult to deal with. In many cases, surgery is necessary to alleviate the difficulty of sinusitis. But the doctors at Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates are skilled in a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, a less invasive procedure that is proven to be effective and to provide a fast recovery.


Balloon Sinuplasty does not require any cutting or removal of bone or tissue. Instead, during the procedure a small, flexible, balloon catheter is inserted into the sinus cavity to open up the blocked passageways typical in patients suffering from sinusitis. Once inserted, the balloon is inflated to expand into the sinus opening.


Balloon-Sinuplasty-Dallas-ENT-DoctorWhen the balloon catheter is removed, the sinuses are left open. With the inflation of the balloon, the sinuses are restructured and the walls are widened, discouraging future issues while maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining. Clinical data shows very positive results: patients have experienced no device-related issues and have demonstrated statistically and clinically significant improvement in their symptoms.


If you’re a candidate, Balloon Sinuplasty could provide lasting relief. In a study that tracked patients two years after their procedure, the vast majority reported meaningful improvement in both sinus symptoms and quality of life. Recovery is generally fast, too: most patients return to normal activity within two days. Why wait with the discomfort of chronic sinusitis? Ask your doctor if Balloon Sinuplasty could be the right choice for you.