“Don’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose,” and other good advice

Our children’s curiosity is one of their greatest strengths. By exploring the world around them, our pediatric patients can delight us with their unique thoughts and ideas—however, if those ideas and explorations lead them to put toys and other objects up their nose or in their ears, it’s not a great thing for mom or dad (or their ENT!).

One helpful book we love here at AOA is called Don’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose, by Dr. Jerald S. Altman and Richard Jacobson. On his website, www.dontstickdontstuff.com, Dr. Altman reveals that after years of his practice as an otolaryngologist, he is “never shocked by what he has to remove from the noses and ears of his child patients.” This novel, geared towards young kids, uses rhymes and colorful illustrations to teach children what goes where.

Altman, an ear, nose, and throat specialist, and Jacobson do a great job speaking to their audience. They acknowledge that it may be enticing to put stuff where it shouldn’t go, but they don’t do it sternly. Instead they bring up the repercussions with simple language and pictures, always keeping the tone light and positive. A fun, practical book that will make kids laugh and learn.

–Kirkus Review

The book is available on Amazon and other major book sellers. If your child has issues with putting objects up their nose or in their ears, consider this today! And, as always, you and your family can depend on quality care from the experts at Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates.