Employees of the Week

Here at Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates, we’re blessed to have hard-working, capable, and friendly people on our staff. We’ve recently begun honoring the great work they do by electing “Employees of the Week.” We’d like to share a little something about the people who make us great. Here are our first four—and certainly not our last!



Mandy Favors, Dr. Badeaux’s medical assistant, graduated 14495251_706496246180829_8034242702277467638_nfrom Sterlington High School and spent two years at NLU. She is proud to have been at Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates for the past 17 years. She lives with her husband John, kids Sam, Blaire and Reese, and their dog, Roxi. Mandy is an avid football fan, who can be found at LSU games or supporting the Saints on the weekends. She also enjoys reading and shopping. Her favorite part about working at AOA is making sick people healthy alongside an excellent doctor.

Dana Guillory, one of our Insurance Secretaries, has been a part of Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates for the past three years. Her greatest success story is still being written every day, as she raises her kids, Kaylee and Caleb, with her husband Richard. In her spare time, Dana enjoys riding horses and spending time with her family. That’s when she’s not doing excellent work for AOA, of course!


20161017_090715-jpgBarbara Salard, the Insurance Supervisor at Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates, is a graduate of Bolton High School. She has been with the practice for the past 15 years. Her favorite personal success story is raising her kids, Matthew, Andrew, and Austin, with her husband Mike and their family dog. In her free time, Barbara enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with her family.

Shasta Harrison, Dr. Warshaw’s medical assistant, is a graduate of Pineville High School. She has been with Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates for the past year and-a-half. Shasta loves working with her coworkers at AOA, and feels especially successful every time she cleans wax out of patients’ ears. She is an animal lover, and has three horses, four rabbits, eight deer hounds, 22 chickens, and two cats. When not cleaning ears or animals, Shasta enjoys barrel racing, running deer, and fox hounds.