Flu Season-It’s Not Over Yet

With many states experiencing unusually high Influenza-like illnesses, flu season is in full swing. As the season continues, influenza rates climb closer to the highest recorded rate of 7.7%, in 2009.

The flu virus is a viral respiratory illness, not to be confused with the common cold, although they share similar symptoms. Along with a cough, sore throat, and stuffy nose, flu symptoms can include a fever, cold sweats, body aches and extreme exhaustion.

The flu affects thousands of people of all ages across the US each year. It is highly contagious and most serious for the very young, as well as elderly. Although each flu season is different, this season we are seeing a particularly severe strain.

Although it is difficult to pick a definitive date as to the end of the season, the virus tends to die out as the weather gets warmer. As the virus continues to circulate throughout the last few weeks of winter, the CDC continues to encourage people to receive the vaccination.

Best protection practices also include:
• Washing your hands
• Covering your coughs and sneezes
• Don’t come into contact with those with the flu

If you feel you are having symptoms of the flu, please come visit us or the CDC website for more updates on this year’s flu season.