Hearing Aid Upgrades

In today’s world, everyone is connected to their phones, tablets and laptops. Now Halo, a made-for-iPhone hearing aid, has made it easier for those affected by hearing loss to still be connected and plugged in. Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates is a proud supplier of Halo, hearing aids that match our modern digital needs. Read on to see how Halo can be part of your journey to better hearing.

Halo pairs with your Apple or Android device by connecting with the TruLink Hearing Control app, a free download in the App Store.

 Together witHalo-and-iPhone-Graphich the TruLink app, Halo enables your smartphone to:

  • Stream calls, FaceTime, music and more from your iPhone directly to your hearing aidsthrough a Bluetooth connection.
  • Use your iPhone to control your hearing aid’s volume and settings.
  • Personalize sound settings to any environment and geotag that specific memory, so that your hearing aids will automatically adjust once you enter that location.
  • Deliver pristine sound and exceptional listening clarity.
  • Help you hear comfortably in noisy situations.

Not an iPhone user? No problem. Halo hearing aids are also stand-alone hearing aids. In the meantime, Starkey, a global hearing technology company and the creator of Halo, has also made Halo products compatible with select Android products. Starkey constantly assesses Android products and their compatibility with Halo hearing aids, so check with your doctor (and at this link) to see if your phone qualifies.

From the innovative, sleek design to the improved high-frequency audibility and great sounding music and media—Halo is a product that can revolutionize your hearing experience.

If you are interested in a Halo hearing aid, make an appointment with your doctor at Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates. After an exam and an assessment of your personalized needs, we will set you up on the best track to hearing recovery.

To schedule an appointment with Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates, call our Alexandria office at (318) 443-8380, or our Natchitoches office at (318) 356-0100.