Hearing Loss and Hunting

As we covered before, approximately 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults around the globe face the risk of hearing loss. This high number comes from the increased levels of sound and noise that comes from recreational activities, like loud concerts, clubs/bars, and audio devices, like iPhones/Pods. Though we’re always telling the younger generation “hey, turn that down!” did you ever stop to think that the activities you’re involved in could have the same impact on your hearing?
It’s not just the Sunday Night Football games that can impact your hearing. With hunting season nearly here, the University of Wisconsin conducted a study which uncovered that men 48 to 92 years old who regularly participated in hunting outings are at higher risk to encounter hearing loss (high frequency). Every five years of hunting this percentage increased 7%. Each gunshot ranges from approximately 140-190 decibels, which is high/loud enough to bring about an immediate impact to one’s hearing.

So what can you do? Here are a few tips in order to preserve your hearing:

6294009 - man firing a shotgun

  • If you can, use a silencer
  • Wear hearing protection always! Even if you are not the one firing, if someone near you is using a firearm while hunting or at the range, your ears are still susceptible to harm.
  • Take breaks! Even with some of the best hearing protection on the market, sustained exposure to these high decibel shots can infract both temporary and permanent damage.
  • Come see us! Our Audiologist, Jessica Vaughn, can help you with all of your hearing needs!

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