Hog Wild and Flyin’ High

Whether up in a blind, or hiding behind a tree, there are several different ways to stalk your prey when you take to the woods to go hunting. At Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates, several of our employees are avid hunters, and we are big fans of safe, legal hunting. But did you know that the people of Louisiana might soon be able to hunt from a helicopter?

Sounds like a made up story, or a video game, doesn’t it? Well, the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission is entertaining the idea as a form of pest management. The problem is, east Texas has the largest feral pig population in the nation. Those pigs come over to Louisiana and cause an estimated $500 million a year in damage to crops, fences, roads and trees.

In an effort to control the feral pig population, the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission is considering allowing licensed helicopter pilots to fly over people’s properties and hunt hogs from the air. Of course, the hunters will have to be licensed as well as the pilots. Owners of the land can use this service free of charge – the helicopter pilots will make their money selling tickets for these hunts.

This isn’t a done deal – the commission hasn’t decided yet. Either way, the pig population is a problem and something needs to be done about it. And as always with hunting, please be safe out there. Make sure you have proper eye protection and proper ear protection so that you don’t harm yourself.