Infection Leaves Fans Sore

Even more celebrities are feeling the pain of a sore throat. The Rolling Stones were recently forced to cancel a series of concerts due to Mick Jagger’s sore throat, brought about by a throat infection.

Though the nature of the lead singer’s infection is not clear, a throat infection can be brought about by many different factors. Viruses, germs, and bacteria are common influencers, and especially at this time of year. Just as rock stars encounter millions of fans in a short amount of time, usually during the holiday season is when interactions with many bodies of people and bacteria are heightened. Making sure to wash your hands, cover coughs and sneezes, and not eating or drinking after other individuals are good ways to take preventative care.

Other possibilities for throat infections can stem from over-use of the muscle. Symptoms can include swollen glands or enlarged lymph nodes, dry throat, or visible white spots/patches on the tonsils. Though singers are more susceptible to this type of agitation, hoarseness and other factors can play a big part in your every day life, by yelling, talking in loud or noisy areas, and smoking.