Juvéderm is one of two dermal fillers offered by Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates. Dermal fillers are substances injected directly into the skin and help make the targeted area look youthful and full of volume once again. No longer do you have to worry about turning one year older – dermal fillers like Juvéderm help you turn back the clock and look your absolute best.

Juvéderm is a completely natural way to reverse the effects of age on your face. It is composed mainly of hyaluronic acid, which is a chemical that is already in your skin and muscle tissue. Because Juvéderm is made up of ingredients already found in your body, there are virtually no side effects, and the solution is not harmful to your health.

Most dermal fillers have a sand-like or granular consistency and has a bumpy, unnatural look and feeling. Juvéderm, on the other hand, is unique in that it has cross-linking technology that creates a fluid gel that looks and feels natural and smooth to the http://paris-canaille.org/acheter-cialis-10mg/ touch.

Juvéderm is also one of the few filler gels to be approved for use by individuals with color.

We could talk all day about the benefits of Juvéderm, but the proof is in the results. Take a look at the two before and after pictures below, and once you are convinced, pick up the phone and schedule your appointment today!