Take back your life

aafeDid you know that BOTOX® is proven to help reduce the occurrence of migraines in adults? When BOTOX® first reached popularity, patients with chronic migraine headaches began to notice they were having less and less debilitating headaches, post BOTOX®. This opened the doors to extensive studies that have since proven that BOTOX® is extremely effective in reducing the severity of migraine headaches.

botox-medMigraines happen when nerves send signals to the muscle causing contractions that trigger erratic nerve firing and blood vessel spasms in the brain. BOTOX® helps alleviate this pain by interrupting the signals before they even have a chance to cause you discomfort.

With almost half of adults experiencing migraine-like symptoms at some stage of their lives, and the loss of productivity in the workplace caused by migraines estimated to be $16 billion every year, why would you wait to receive this painless treatment?

Take back your life and stop having migraines now.

Migraine Brochure & Important Safety Info