Protect Your Child’s Ears

Hearing loss can start at any age. Once your ears have been damaged, there is no going back. There are many precautions you can take to protect not only your ears but your child’s ears too. It’s a common misconception that hearing loss only affects older generations. Hearing loss can start early in life. To avoid hearing issues at a young age, here are some tips to keep your child’s ears in perfect condition:

Avoid Using Cotton Swabs

It is not healthy to constantly use cotton swabs to clean out ear wax. Using a cotton swab will push the wax deeper into the ear canal. The additional pressure could also potentially damage your eardrum. Need a solution? Use a damp towel to clean the ear canal. Alternatively, you can use an ear wax solution to help drain it out. Having some earwax is healthy! Ear wax helps protect your eardrums from any dangerous particles. Think again before you reach for a cotton swab.

Use Earplugs in Loud Places

Being exposed to loud noise for a long period of time could be very harmful to your child’s hearing. Investing in some form of ear protection, like foam earplugs, are great for protecting the ears. Using noise-blocking ear muffs that cover the entire ear are also useful. Nearly 15% of Americans have suffered from hearing loss due to being exposed to loud noise environments. This includes noise from construction sites, concert events, machines such as lawnmowers and more.

Give Your Ears a Time-Out

If you or your child have been exposed to a loud noise environment for a long period of time, make sure to give your ears a period of rest. Try escaping to a quiet place to calm the tension ringing in your eardrums and let your ears relax. If you cannot escape the noise, make sure to maintain some peace and quiet when you head back home.

Keep the Volume Down

Do your best to keep the volume down on your electronic devices. Whether listening to music on your headphones, talking to someone on a smartphone, or watching TV, it is important to keep the volume at a reasonable level. Make sure your child is using earphones with a volume limit to avoid exposing them to extremely loud noise. There are also volume limits that can be enforced on your smartphone.

Visit your Doctor for Regular Check-Ups

Be sure to regularly take your child to the doctor for frequent check-ups. Ask your physician to perform hearing screenings during your normal appointments. If you or your child are experiencing hearing issues give us a call today.