Put Your Best Face Forward

When you hear “botox” you typically think about a woman. But the number of men receiving this treatment of filler has increased to 25 percent, from just 15 percent this time last year. The increasing trend for men getting botox has increased approximately 10 percent each year since 2012.

Dr. Scott Walen, Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeon at St. Louis University Hospital, suggests that more men are turning to botox looking for a competitive edge in the workplace, where ageism still plays a factor. Other commonly sited reasons are to please a loved one or significant other, or to achieve a “distinguished-but-not-weathered” look.

Male botox, nicknamed “brotox” has been on the rise, and it seems the trend will only continue to increase. More and more institutions are offering the cosmetic service at rates, typically $!0-15 per unit. To ensure the best and safest results, see a healthcare provider to complete the procedure and put your best face forward.