Risky Business

Most people only seek an ENT doctor when something is wrong, but we can be of help even if you’re perfectly healthy!

Many professionally trained singers seek the aid of an otolaryngologist regularly to make sure they are performing using a healthy, non-damaging technique. Strain/tension, covered vowels, or even over-practicing can be detrimental to one’s voice. These damaging effects and other signs of excessive muscle engagement can lead to swelling of the vocal folds, and at times, small or large vocal nodes. These will cause the voice to sound muscled, make your vibrato tight, and cause the overall singing to sound belabored.

Even if you’re not a professionally trained singer, you can still damage your voice in other ways, in your every day life. Ordinary occurrences, like speaking to a friend at noisy bar, yelling to your roommate from room to room, cheering for your favorite team at a ballgame, or even karaoke can put you at high risk. Constant yelling, speaking at an elevated level for long-periods of time, or clearing your throat excessively can lead to many of these same issues.

Take some time today to assess your vocal health. What every day behaviors do you have that could put you at risk? We are here to help you lead the best—and healthiest lifestyle possible!