Sweet Treats Turned Sour

Undoubtedly there are still stockpiles of Halloween candy hidden in different nooks and crannies around your home. But don’t be so quick that just because you indulge on a few pieces here and there that the sugar is the cause of your stomachache.

GERD, or acid-reflux disease, affects roughly 1/3 of Americans today. The most common symptoms are heartburn, coughing, pain or a burning sensation, and if left untreated—can cause cancer.

Acid-reflux is caused by the weakening hole of the lower esophageal hole, when not closed properly, it will allow food to travel back up the tube. The Stretta procedure is designed to strengthen the esophageal muscle over time. 72% of patients having undergone the procedure report having no symptoms for 10+ years, and 41% are off of medication.

If you are suffering from chronic adic-reflux, speak to a specialist at Alexandria Otolaryngology Associates, today.