Your First Sound

Do You Remember Your First Sound?

What was the first thing you heard? Do you remember?

Medicine and technology have come such a long way in each their own respective fields, but together they are accomplishing the impossible.

A video has been making its way around the Internet lately is of 7-week old baby named Lachlan hearing for the first time. Lachlan was born with congenital hearing loss, but with the use of a modern hearing aid, he is finally able to hear the sound of his parents voice.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, congenital hearing loss can be described as: “hearing loss is present at birth. Congenital hearing loss can be caused by genetic or non-genetic factors.”

Genetic, or hereditary, factors “are thought to cause more than 50% of all hearing loss. Hearing loss from genetic defects can be present at birth or develop later on in life.”

Non-genetic factors can account for about 25% of congenital hearing loss. Non-genetic factors can include:

  • Maternal infections, such as rubella (German measles), cytomegalovirus, or herpes simplex virus
  • Prematurity
  • Low birth weight
  • Birth injuries
  • Toxins including drugs and alcohol consumed by the mother during pregnancy
  • Complications associated with the Rh factor in the blood/jaundice
  • Maternal diabetes
  • Toxemia during pregnancy
  • Lack of oxygen (anoxia)

Lachlan’s parents were there to capture the whole event on video, and we are lucky enough to witness it now. Congenital hearing loss wasn’t a final sentence for him, and this is a great reminder that it doesn’t need to be for other infants around the world.